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The IRS Giveth and the IRS Taketh Away…

The IRS just announced significant improvements (with one important exception) to its popular EPCRS Program, generally effective as of July 16, 2021. (See: Revenue Procedure 2021-30 (PDF)) and we are excited to announce a webinar covering these changes on August 10th at 10am PT. This webinar will fill up quickly so don’t wait – you can register by clicking HERE. Here is a quick summary of the changes:

  • expanded overpayment correction principles;

  • extended periods for self-correction;

  • broad expansion of the use of retroactive amendments to self-correct;

  • an increase in the de minimis “no correction needed” amount from $100 to $250; and

  • unfortunately, starting in 2022, John Doe submissions will no longer be allowed (but there is a new opportunity for a free pre-VCP John Doe conference).


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