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The Firm

The Firm

Successfully navigating the rocky terrain of employee benefits.


For over 20 years, the attorneys and other professionals at Boutwell Fay have been successfully solving the complex legal puzzles in the areas of employee benefits and ERISA*. We have a federal practice in all 50 states.


As the only boutique firm in Orange County, California that specializes solely in these areas, we have the knowledge and wisdom to successfully solve even the most complex legal challenges. We provide counsel to a broad range of business, consulting, and financial services firms. Our clients include private employers, plan service providers, financial institutions, government agencies and pension plans providers. We serve closely-held and public companies of all sizes, with plans ranging from 10 to thousands of participants.


Our founding partners, Sherrie Boutwell and Alison Fay, bring the highest quality service initially garnered from their experiences developing ERISA programs at large firms. But it is our smaller size that allows us to be more accessible to our clients, more facile, and more responsive. Every client is uniquely served as due to our core strong values of service and collaboration. We always take time to learn about each client company, its needs, and current trends within their industry.


Keeping our overhead low and staffing lean allows us to pass on the resultant savings to our clients. At Boutwell Fay, we study the constant changes to employee benefits and ERISA laws and regulations.


We keep our clients informed of these ever-changing rules and regulations of ERISA. They tell us we work efficiently and thoroughly, providing the most comprehensive and up-to-the-minute employee benefit solutions.


*ERISA is an acronym for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.

Since the firm was founded in 1998, we have enjoyed collaborating with our clients to successfully navigate the 

ever-changing landscape of employee benefits. The need for practical, cost-effective advice in this field has never been greater.  We look forward to helping our clients solve the employee benefits puzzles of today and the future.


- Sherrie Boutwell, Founder and Managing Partner

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