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Highlighting Our Top Five Blog Posts of the Year: SECURE 2.0 Insights

As the year draws to a close, we're reflecting on the key updates and insights that have shaped the landscape of retirement planning in 2023. These blog posts had the most engagements in 2023.  In case you missed them, here are the top 5 from 2023 and not surprisingly, all involved the Secure 2.0 Act:


Our top blog post of the year delved into the expanded coverage for long-term, part-time employees under SECURE 2.0.


Self-certification streamlines the process for plan administrators reviewing requests for hardship distributions.


Our third top-performing blog post this year centered on the SECURE 2.0 changes regarding family attribution rules for the aggregation of business. This aspect of the legislation carried implications for family-owned businesses, affecting how businesses are aggregated for retirement planning purposes.


This blog post highlighted significant changes brought about by SECURE 2.0 in the recoupment of overpayments by retirement plans.


This post dissected the challenges and nuances of applying the new EPCRS rules under SECURE 2.0. We navigated through complexities, ensuring clarity on how these new rules impact error corrections and compliance processes, helping to mitigate risks of non-compliance.


Boutwell Fay looks forward to continuing to post about all types of employee benefits, including retirement plans, health & welfare plans and executive compensation issues in 2024.



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