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Sherrie Boutwell Presenting at ConnectEd in San Antonio

Sherrie Boutwell will be presenting on November 3, 2022, at the ConnectEd event in San Antonio, Texas along with Jay Kautt of the Advisor Group and Chuck Rolph from Nationwide's Advanced Consulting Group. In their presentation, "Tal(k) Nerdy to Me", they will be covering SECURE 2.0 and how it is going to change the employer retirement plan game further. As experts in ERISA, they will discuss in depth the ideas Congress has in store for plan practice.

The presentation will go from 3:30 pm -4:20 pm CT. You can learn more about the event's agenda here and register to attend virtually here.

Do you have questions about SECURE 2.0 or ERISA? Contact a Boutwell Fay attorney at


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