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Western Pension & Benefits Council Give a Fond Thank You to Alison Fay

In their Spring Newsletter, the Orange County Chapter of the Western Pension & Benefits Council thoughtfully highlighted Boutwell Fay's Alison Fay, congratulating her on a job well done during the time she has served on the Board of Directors for the past twenty years. She will now be stepping down from this position, but while serving on the Board, Alison has been involved in the WP&BC in many notable ways:

  • Member of the Chapter since 1991

  • Member of the Board of Directors since 1993

  • Two-time past president of the Chapter

  • Program chair for many years

  • Set up the very first annual conference for our Chapter and worked on our annual conferences with the Governing Board and then ASPPA

Congratulations to Alison for the hard work she has done for WP&BC and for the acknowledgment of her skill and support!

You can read the newsletter article here.


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